Hard Drive Recovery

Your systems hard disk is made up of intricate components that can be susceptible to many types of failure. All of which require an expert approach and the experience of a data recovery professional. 

Datalab uses class 100 IS05 clean room facilities when opening any hard disk to ensure your data is never at risk. As a standard we class a Hard Drive failure as follows;

  • Physical failure: Where any physical component internal to the hard disk has failed.

  • Electronic Failure: Where the drives circuitry fails. We normally see this after a “black out” or where incorrect power supplies are used.
  • Logical failure: Where areas of the disk are degraded and encroach upon your data or your systems data due to age and other factors.

No Data, No Charge

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Ok you've lost data, here's what to do

Power Off

Don't continue to use your device it could cause further damage.

Choose Carefully

Choose your recovery company carefully don't waste time and money trying other "experts".

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What Are Our Customer's Saying?

“A huge thank you to the team at Datalab for recovering all my work! I thought I had lost everything.”

Arana Talbot

Urgent Services

For time critical data loss services your hardware will be given a dedicated senior technician when it arrives.

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