Server Recovery

Server failure can be a catastrophic event in a business of any size and the data stored on these systems is generally critical and relied upon by multiple departments or staff members. 

We understand the downtime factor when a failure occurs and our approach to server recoveries ensures further data loss is avoided and data recovery is completed in the most time efficient manner possible. We have many years’ experience and employ industry leading tools to bring servers back online or back to life.

What's Happening?

  • The server/NAS/SAN/RAID 5,10,01 etc was shut down and won't come back online.

  • The server lights indicate multiple disks have failed and won't allow access.
  • The server is simply blinking or beeping and no one in the office has network access.

What Next?

Do Nothing to the server itself or if attempts are being made to rectify the failure, at least call our labs on 0800 328 2522 to discuss your specific case. In many cases, rebuild attempts of failed servers are the greatest threat to data recovery. 

Our tested and proven approach to server recoveries ensures your data is kept as safe as possible during assessment and recovery working from clone sets and manually reconstructing array configurations in our own environments. If you reach us through our 24 hour call centre please leave your name and number and clearly state the requirement is URGENT. The call centre will send an SMS to the on-call technician who will be in touch as soon as possible.

No Data, No Charge

0800 Datalab (328-2522)

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Ok you've lost data, here's what to do

Power Off

Don't continue to use your device it could cause further damage.

Choose Carefully

Choose your recovery company carefully don't waste time and money trying other "experts".

Call 0800 DATALAB

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What Are Our Customer's Saying?

“Fast, efficient and effective work on retrieving data from a corrupted hard drive. Thanks guys, you really have saved the day for me!”

Fern Evitt

Urgent Services

For time critical data loss services your hardware will be given a dedicated senior technician when it arrives.

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