USB / Memory Card Recovery

Memory cards hold just that – memories, and normally precious ones too. Datalab understands how devastating the loss of images through deletion, card reformatting or failure can be. 

Our dedicated data recovery labs face many memory card failures every week and we pride ourselves on the industry leading success rates we achieve.

We have the hardware and expertise to safely recover your data in a timely and cost effective manner. Don’t hesitate to call Datalab now and trust your data is in the right hands with the data recovery experts.

USB data recovery

USB devices are a great means of transporting data and their size means you can fit more than 16,000 documents in your coin pocket! Unfortunately the fact that these devices are inserted and removed from many different machines means they are much more prone to failure.

Incorrect ejection, deletion and even completely snapped in two are just some of the cases we face every day in the lab with USB devices. If you need your data recovered from any device call Datalab now and trust your recovery to the data recovery experts.

No Data, No Charge

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Ok you've lost data, here's what to do

Power Off

Don't continue to use your device it could cause further damage.

Choose Carefully

Choose your recovery company carefully don't waste time and money trying other "experts".

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What Are Our Customer's Saying?

“Thank you Datalab for recovering 5 years worth of photos from my external hard drive that I deleted by formatting the drive accidentally.”

Trudy Renner Falconer

Urgent Services

For time critical data loss services your hardware will be given a dedicated senior technician when it arrives.

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