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Datalab has provided independent in-depth investigations to the New Zealand market for over 10 years now following strict protocol and guidelines regarding electronic evidence acquisition in accordance with New Zealands legal system. 

Datalab is trusted by the New Zealand Police, Commerce Commission, multiple DHBS and other leading government agencies to carry our forensic and investigative work. Also, our years of partnership with many leading law firms has firmly established Datalab as a trusted expert in the field of forensic investigation.

Our staff have years of experience in the field and employ the leading tools for evidence preservation and presentation. As expert witnesses, our technicians are ready to attend proceedings and stand behind the evidence and reporting we produce.

What's Happening?

  • IP theft or data theft  as leaving or ex-employees move to competition.

  • You suspect infidelity or inappropriate system or cell phone use and need proof.
  • Misuse of company computers or phones against policy.
  • In many cases, there is legal instruction to preserve and prepare electronic evidence such as emails or cell phone records for review in proceedings.
  • Email records, file dates, Author detail or legitimacy  need confirmation.

What Next?

In every forensic case, the critical primary step is to secure the hardware and stop further use or access. In many cases deletion or intentional damage may impact what is able to be extracted. Continued use also impacts what our team can extract. Call us immediately on 0800 328 2522 to discuss your case specifics and we can map out a process tailored to you situation.

No Data, No Charge

0800 Datalab (328-2522)

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Ok you've lost data, here's what to do

Power Off

Don't continue to use your device it could cause further damage.

Choose Carefully

Choose your recovery company carefully don't waste time and money trying other "experts".

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What Are Our Customer's Saying?

“Thank you Datalab for recovering 5 years worth of photos from my external hard drive that I deleted by formatting the drive accidentally.”

Trudy Renner Falconer

Urgent Services

For time critical data loss services your hardware will be given a dedicated senior technician when it arrives.

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