Computer Forensics

Datalab has been providing forensic services to the NZ market for many years now and our technicians are well versed in providing expert witness services relating to electronic devices or transactions.

We provide independent in-depth investigations into any system following strict protocol around gathering and recording of evidence. All work is completed at our secure facilities in a timely and discreet manner to ensure minimal downtime and to allow our clients to have the information they need to make the decisions that mitigate risk or damage. 

Our team are regularly asked to investigate;

  • Misuse of Company Property
  • Theft of IP or company Files
  • Wiped systems as an employee leaves a company
  • Sending of sensitive or illegal data against policy

No Data, No Charge

0800 Datalab (328-2522)

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Ok you've lost data, here's what to do

Power Off

Don't continue to use your device it could cause further damage.

Choose Carefully

Choose your recovery company carefully don't waste time and money trying other "experts".

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What Are Our Customer's Saying?

“Datalab are best in worst case scenarios. When all the computer techies tell you it's beyond retrieval, Datalab can probably do it.”

Evelyn Davies

Urgent Services

For time critical data loss services your hardware will be given a dedicated senior technician when it arrives.

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Our Customers

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For the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

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