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Apple Data Recovery and Hard Drives

Updated: Jul 09, 2019

Every now and then we get asked if we are "certified" to do data recovery on Apple Macs as well as iPads and iPhones.

There are a quite a few scare stories floating around on this topic and we decided its might be best to show outline both our and Apple's policy on this.  In order for us not to run any risk of misrepresenting their policy we have shown it below as it relates for Hard Drives.  It's Hard Drives where we sometimes get the query - probably as it involves mechanical intervention. It's not the same issue with software recovery on e.g. an iPhone. The graphic below shows Apple policy on this, along with the link to this page on their website.

We number Apple Authorised Resellers within our clients and Partners, and we do data recovery on Apple devices almost every week.  We are however, not an authorised Apple Service Provider.  But as you can see below it's not relevant unless you are undertaking a repair.  We provide a very different service.  So, if we get contacted about a Mac where repair is appropriate, then we direct the enquiry to one of our Apple Authorised Partners.  

There is no separate certification programme from Apple for Data Recovery, as their policy makes clear.  This broadly the same for the other PC and phone manufacturers.  As their statement also shows, getting your data recovered by DataLAB will not in itself necessarily invalidate your Mac's warranty.  

So please relax.  You are in good hands and we have lots of experience in recovering data from MacBooks as well as iPads and iPhones. 

Screen Shot Apple And Datarecovery

Link for page on Apple's website:


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