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Exiting Staff

Whether moving to a competitor, facing dismissal under a cloud of sexual misconduct, bullying or attempting to set up in competition, the temptation to grab key files or data when leaving a business or intentionally destroy data can be too great for some individuals. Only If matters escalate post employment or when contracts and clients start to leave do businesses truly understand the impact that a rogue agent in their business can have.

For those businesses that live and die by their Intellectual Property, understanding what data has been stolen via an exiting rogue employee can provision great leverage to hold an individual accountable for data theft or bolster a contractual restraint of trade.

In many cases where workplace sexual harassment or bullying has been an issue, and the staff member of concern leaves, either internal due process or matters externally may escalate. It's at these stages that relevant communication and digital evidence are critical to a full and effective investigation being completed.

Our labs work closely with Management, HR and IT departments to quickly preserve and interrogate hardware from employees as they leave a business. Analysis of the below typical areas of a system give great clarity regarding the level of impact that might be looming.

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Setting Up In Competition: The restraint of trade in an employment contract has been ignored and a prior employee now seeks to take you on commercially. In many cases we find serious levels of data theft in the months leading up to the employee leaving so they can fast track the establishment of services from their future (or present) company.

Sexual Misconduct: An employee is leaving under suspicion of sexual harassment or has been terminated for same. As and where communications may reside on company issued devices such as laptops and phones, this should definitely be preserved and parsed as evidence should the matter escalate.

Leaving to work for the Competition: Exiting employees who are known to be moving to a competing business or who are suspected of this may be either syphoning critical company data to hardware or private cloud storage in the latter term of their employment. Ensuring these records are preserved to enact trading injunctions or begin litigating is critical.

Key Staff Are Exiting the Business: In many cases, key employees such as C Suite or Sales staff hold vast amounts of critical company data on their hardware and cloud accounts. For many businesses Datalab interacts with, we develop policies alongside the employer to preserve and hold in cold store that employees data from all sources. This is a both a preventative and preservative measure in that the prior knowledge of the preservation works to deter intentional data theft and the process dually ensures should it be later discovered the ex employee was acting in a nefarious manner, their data can be called upon for interrogation.

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“Failing to back up is a mistake most of us make sometimes, and so when my external hard drive and phone both became corrupted in the same week, I had a sinking feeling I'd lost years of data, but DataLAB managed to recover almost every file! The service was professional and timely, the cost was thankfully affordable, and the process was ultimately successful.”

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