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Criminal Defence

Many cases see the team working alongside defence to preserve, interpret and timeline critical data. Employing content from phones, cloud and computers to build geolocational or communication evidence will expedite clarity and provide areas of focus for defence. 

As our labs are equipped with much of the same tech as NZ Police and other agencies we can in many cases ingest forensic captures directly into our workspaces again saving time in getting to core evidence and also wider sometimes undisclosed data.

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Your situation might be;

A client has been charged with an offence and much of the evidence involves messaging on core or third party chat applications such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. If you would like to explore all this data easily or redact vast evidence sets to only what is critical we can certainly assist. 

If there exists geolocational data within digital evidence that is presented in isolation, how much alternate data from varying sources either corroborate or refute the claims being made. 

If emails exist in evidence and parties involved deny their creation or claim to have been hacked, what other evidence on their systems exist to support the theories put forward. 

In cases where evidence only exists in cloud data eg where hardware has been lost or destroyed, our team can assist in building access to cloud accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Google or Office 365 to preserve and interrogate stored information. 

If you have a case in hand or upcoming that involves digital evidence such as cell phone data, email, cell site polling, CCTV or images, call through now on 0800 328 2522 and discuss how we can assist to decipher the data sets you have or identify further avenues of enquiry not yet identified.

“Your service is exceptional and much appreciated! You have no idea how grateful we are to have our data back after the failure of an SSD!”

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