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Litigation Support

As part of litigation support. Our labs serve to provide clients with a comprehensive and clear understanding of complex digital evidence and IT incidents. The reporting we provide as part of this service lays out the process and findings in a way that allows critical evidence to be presented and understood by all involved. 

Our lab is setup to process all evidence sources including; Mobile phones, Cloud data, Police Evidence Captures, CCTV and computer systems. Additionally, as we are part of a larger electronic laboratory, we have access to teams who can repair and retrieve damaged or electronically dead hardware that may contain critical evidence.

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What's happened?

Cellphone Data: You’ve been asked to provide specific content from your phone relating to a case in front of the courts or mediators. 

Disclosure Review: You have been provided evidence in disclosure that needs to be interpreted or challenged by an expert.

Expert Witness Services: You need an expert that is independent to all parties involved to review, interpret and provide opinion on evidence that is in contention.

Email Forensics: There are emails located in a cloud based email account or server that you need preserved forensically for review and or analysis.

Next Steps:  

  • Ensure the evidence of concern is isolated and not subject to further use or modification.
  • Ideally make sure you have a clear list of hardware, email or social media accounts involved prior to initial contact

Then CALL US on 0800 328 2522 to set up a case discussion where will build an understanding of the case, hardware, platforms and required evidence. From this discussion we will send a detailed statement of work including terms and Legal Aid detail if needed.

“Fast professional friendly service. We required recovery of a failed system drive for some critical equipment that went down at ~2pm on the Friday, and we were back up and running at ~12pm on the Saturday.”

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