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Employee Misconduct

Our labs have been involved in more cases than we care to count where employees are utilising company hardware, software and/or IP to do harm rather than good within the workplace. Whether this is outright theft of IP, such as customer/supplier lists or using company time and resources to further their own, sometimes competing endeavours, we’ve likely investigated it.

Nearly all the literature we review regarding business cyber threats ultimately identifies internal staff as the highest point of risk. Your IT department keeps your digital borders robust. But nothing can pre-determine the intent or likelihood of staff to steal IP or use company resources for nefarious means.

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Some examples:

IP Theft: You’ve had an employee leave and you suspect they have stolen critical IP such as client or supplier lists as they have left.

Network Breach: Logs show access to areas of your networks that are not inline with normal use or behaviour.

Porn: There has been reports from other staff about inappropriate content seen on a staff members system or company issued device.

Bullying at the Office: Workplace bullying has been reported and you need to ascertain the critical people involved and the communications that have been taking place.

From an investigation point of view. The key to resolving these issues is to remove access and isolate (from people and networks) the hardware or accounts involved. With our tools and service we can then securely capture and analyse the actions of individuals without threat of evidence being destroyed.

CALL US on 0800 328 2522 to set up a case discussion where we will build an understanding of your case, hardware, platforms and required evidence. From this discussion, we will send a detailed statement of work including terms and Legal Aid detail if needed.

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