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Digital Investigations

In many, if not most, investigations; electronic hardware such as cell phones, social media or computer systems are key areas of review for evidence. These systems provide huge amounts of data relevant to location, communication and behaviour.  

Datalab is not a Private Investigation Firm in the classical sense. We are a Computer Forensic Agency.  That means we undertake complex digital and cyber investigations. We are specialists who focus on delivering critical digital evidence to our clients who are looking to make informed decisions usually in a time sensitive environment. They need short, clear and easy to interpret answers to complex or sensitive problems. 

Critically, we are also independent to all parties involved and are bound to a code that serves the evidence first.

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What's Happened?

Staff Misconduct: You have become aware that staff have been bullying or soliciting inappropriate emails in the office.

Cheating: You believe there may be cheating in your marriage or relationship and need to determine if this is true and who is involved.

Spyware: You note that others seem to know private detail about your conversations or data and are concerned that spyware or malware may have been planted on your device or systems.

Missing or Deceased Persons: Someone is missing and or has passed away leaving behind locked electronic devices or accounts that might hold critical information.

We note that over the 14 years plus we have been conducting these investigations. That much of the key actionable evidence comes from digital devices and systems. By way of example they can now include: geo-locational data, deleted messaging, dating application data, Facebook and Instagram content. And the list goes on.

We offer a services for investigating both devices and email/social media accounts efficiently. Targeting the evidence that has the most impact to your case. Call us now to discuss your case and concerns on

0800 328 2522. We’re here to help.

“Failing to back up is a mistake most of us make sometimes, and so when my external hard drive and phone both became corrupted in the same week, I had a sinking feeling I'd lost years of data, but DataLAB managed to recover almost every file! The service was professional and timely, the cost was thankfully affordable, and the process was ultimately successful.”

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