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Can an employee’s deleted email or txt’s be retrieved?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

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In today’s business world there is an unprecedented use of written communications using email, txt and other applications. Communications are vital so when something goes wrong it is imperative to understand the thread of activity that preceded the issue. But how can you get this understanding if communications have been accidentally or deliberately deleted?

Contrary to what even the most tech savvy person may think, all digital technology usage will leave a trace even if someone has gone to great lengths to delete their history.

It doesn’t matter what type of device it is either, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, laptop, desktop or Server. They are all in a constant state of recording every social media post made, email sent, file created or deleted. What if the records have been deleted or the system has been reformatted? In many cases even these records are able to be restored.

Expert data retrieval companies like DataLab are increasingly brought in by police, private investigators and lawyers to assist senior management and HR departments in cases of suspected workplace fraud, bullying, theft or inappropriate browser use.

Their extraction and recovery techniques are proven with a high degree of success locally and internationally. In fact they use the same tools as NZ Police in performing forensic investigations into workplace crimes.

In most cases Datalab can retrieve information in a matter of hours. They are in constant contact with developers and international agencies to ensure they have the latest knowledge and tools to handle any data recovery job.

If you or your company requires data recovery services please contact Datalab on 0800 DATALAB (382 2522).


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