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Data recovery in the Flash media dependant world of photography

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

16Gb Camera

Mid way through a photo shoot you find your card is asking to be formatted. You’ve spent the last three hours in set-up and paid for your location and talent. What next? With hundreds of photos on this card already and deadlines, the cost of a re-shoot is out of the question.

Flash media is the core of storage for the photographic industry and our reliance on brand and capacity can at times be falsely invested. MD of Datalab Ltd, Cameron Hansen, advises on the main failures his team faces daily with flash media.

Improper attachment of media card readers, photo processing booths and impatient users are the top contributors to terminal related failure of media. Any photo booth in a public place or card reader in a professional environment will be subject to high use which in turn means the terminal interface for the cards are under high stress. A sloppy terminal connection can lead to terminal arching which in turn leads to blown chip-ware.

Just like that ‘genuine’ Adidas tee you bought for $12 on Patong Beach, anything is fair game for counterfeiters. The card/hardware looks the same and they may even have fake hologram marks on the packaging but the quality of componentry is substandard and the construction is shoddy. Cameron’s advice is to always buy reputable brands from reputable sources.

Data Recovery experts Datalab Ltd are set up to handle any type of Flash media failure, or any storage media failure for that matter including hard drives, RAID arrays, servers and solid state drives. Their experience and cutting edge tools allow on chip recovery guaranteeing your best shot at data recovery. Call 0800 DATALAB (328 2522) for further info.


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