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IQM Group

DataLAB is pleased to confirm our close working relationship with IQM Group.  Cyber Security Services is an expanding area for DataLAB.  It is however also an area where we don't seek to do it all.  We see Cyber Security as a natural expansion of our business in Data Recovery and Digital Forensics.  As a consequence, we are increasingly looking to work closely with others and to partner with them for the benefit of our clients.

IQM Group is is an organisation we have carefully chosen to work with.  IQM has strengths in both security audit certification (ISO 270001) and in training.  These are both areas we don't intend to provide direct cyber services.  We will assist clients through  review and testing.  But we do not supply certification services, nor are we a professional training provider.  

DataLAB and IGM Group actively refer clients to each other where the other has skills, experience and capability.  We have found them a good fit with our own approach and they are professional and very knowledgeable. If their services are of interest we are happy to make a referral.


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